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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 12-28-2010

  • 08:32:30: It was snowing again this morning. Yay. Plows did horrible job with clearing the roads. Thank heavens for 4wd.
  • 09:20:17: Ughh. It's like a hundred degrees in the office today. Figures that I wear a heavy sweater and the building is extra warm.
  • 10:08:11: There's like almost nobody here today
  • 10:11:57: Tomorrow's weather forecast is predicting "abundant sunshine". That kind of amuses me. Don't know why.
  • 12:24:45: Is it 5 yet?
  • 14:22:58: Why oh why is five o'clock so far away????
  • 15:44:40: Losing my mind......
  • 15:59:20: Cell battery is drained again... so need to buy another charger to keep at work.
  • 15:59:52: @louisecookie good to know I'm not alone :)
  • 20:05:37: I hope tomorrow doesn't feel as horribly long as today did! but for some reason I think it shall.
  • 20:12:12: I'm watching Without a Trace (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/8ZNM15
  • 21:03:37: Tuesday night edition... (watching NBC Sunday Night Football: Vikings vs Eagles (NFL) via @gomiso) http://miso.io/ichofh
  • 21:13:26: sleeeeeeepyyyyyyyyyy
  • 21:41:18: RT with #LMTD & b eligible to win ereader: Can't wait to read @allison_brennan's new thriller LOVE ME TO DEATH http://tinyurl.com/22kpem2
  • 22:34:03: There's cute little house for rent listed on craigslist. Only aspect that might not be good is that it's less than 5mins from former in-laws
  • 23:13:10: @coreyann yes and I like them very much too but don't know that I'd want to be close enough where they could swing by every day
  • 23:16:09: @coreyann yes very much do & she doesn't work so she has lots of free time to do so too.
  • 23:23:10: @coreyann yup. Ah well. I'd still prefer a different area but I like keeping my eyes open to a variety of places

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