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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 12-23-2010

  • 00:50:52: Time to sleep....
  • 06:22:20: I am so very tired. Did not sleep well at all.
  • 07:04:40: I really hope today goes fast. But I have a feeling it's going to draaaaaaaagggg.
  • 07:16:44: I see snowflakes. Doubt they'll add up to anything. But I want snow!
  • 10:34:52: @coreyann send it here. I have none.
  • 10:44:50: Yay for getting out 59 minutes early today. Was hoping they'd be in the holiday spirit and give more but I'll take it.
  • 10:46:21: @coreyann it is cold enough that it wouldn't melt. Lol
  • 10:57:30: @coreyann I am wearing my snowman/Christmas charm bracelet today. :)
  • 10:59:05: @stacey79 I am wearing the Christmas lights necklace today that you gave me as a secret santa gift last year. It still blinks.
  • 11:12:39: @stacey79 my mom gave me 1 a couple weeks ago too but it was cheaply made and the string broke when I went to put it on. This one is better
  • 11:13:49: Think I shall go make some coffee in the cool new M&Ms mug that Naomi gave me last night.
  • 11:22:38: @coreyann the best part about this blinky light necklace is that it has different settings so lights can be on steady or blink fast or slow.
  • 11:41:42: How sweet. One of the other admins brought me over a xmas gift... scratchoff lottery ticket & a huge caramel apple w/chocolate candies on it
  • 13:31:53: Very curious. one of my engineers made a comment that has me puzzled as to how he knew. He saw me reading my Nook at lunch & asked if it....
  • 13:33:49: Was a Kindle. I said no, Nook. He replied that he KNEW I owned one. I asked how and he said because I'm a big reader. How did he know I am?
  • 13:44:55: @coreyann it is a bit freaky! But maybe I just look like a big reader and he assumed it was true. I have no idea. Haha
  • 13:53:59: I feel like I'm all by my lonely. I seriously think that everyone has left the building. Lol
  • 14:20:23: Will this workday never end?
  • 15:03:25: Wahhh, cell battery is close to dead. Didn't fully charge it last night since I didn't get home until late...
  • 16:04:09: Less than an hour to go... don't know if my eyeballs will stay open even that long and cell phone will definitely be dead by then.
  • 19:59:16: @coreyann I just finished making a big bowl myself for tomorrow. :)
  • 20:00:26: Ambrosia/fruit salad is made. Presents are all wrapped and packed up and ready to go to my mom's tomorrow. Now I relax.
  • 20:01:29: Stopped at liquor store on way home for wine. saw strawberry Irish cream and white chocolate Irish cream. Couldn't decide. Bought both.
  • 21:01:34: I'm watching The Big Bang Theory (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/dtxU37
  • 21:34:02: I'm watching $#*! My Dad Says (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/clBDlI
  • 22:02:46: I'm watching The Office (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/cOYQ4q
  • 22:08:24: Sleepy... and chilly. I'm relaxing on the couch wearing my sexy Vikings Snuggie and sipping some Sangria.
  • 22:16:42: @coreyann Cool! Although you didn't put on a cherry smiley face! LOL
  • 22:32:16: @coreyann I almost forgot cherries for mine too! Well I did forget but fortunately happened to have a jar!
  • 22:32:24: @coreyann Very mmm Sangria.
  • 23:06:45: I'm watching Ghost Whisperer (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/bjODHd
  • 23:18:06: Are you pair savvy? New app from @RealCalifMilk pairs #cheese w/ favorite wine/beer. http://bit.ly/PairSvySite #pairsavvy

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