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Think a thunk with me

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From Twitter 11-29-2010

  • 00:00:25: Time to try to sleep...
  • 06:25:27: Really wish I would stop waking up at 3:30 every morning or at least I wish I could fall back to sleep. Ugh
  • 07:03:18: My stomach is not feeling so well this morning. Ugh.
  • 08:23:33: Made it to work but something is seriously wrong with the Explorer. Heat isn't working and the engine is making a very loud knocking sound.
  • 09:24:06: My mom has to go for biopsy today. Saturday she woke up with a huge growth on her neck-urgent care told her they couldn't do anything then
  • 09:34:20: Stepdad says car issue sounds like brake or wheel issue. Lovely. Just had brakes done when I bought it 3 mths ago. Don't know why no heat.
  • 11:43:37: @coreyann not too worried about the heat issue. More worried about brakes going or wheels falling off as I go up & down the mountain.
  • 11:58:03: @gianinal thanks. I hope it's nothing too. They seem to think it'll be nothing serious because it showed up so suddenly and not over time.
  • 12:12:23: @coreyann I hope it is an easy, cheap fix but I am sure it won't be. My stepdad is with my mom for her biopsy so he isn't at work.
  • 12:13:02: @coreyann thanks!
  • 12:43:06: Boss gave me ok to leave early to take my car to be looked at. I just have to make up the time by coming in early all week. I do that anyway
  • 13:04:12: It's official... the Coke machine hates me. Tried to buy a Coke Zero today and got a Sprite. Grrrrrr
  • 13:54:01: Feeling very sleepy.
  • 16:46:24: My tire just flew off!
  • 17:36:44: I am ok. Tire flew off while still on base when I was going 20mph. Now the whole fender is damaged and door can't open. Being towed to shop
  • 17:39:37: Thank the stars it didn't happen on route 80
  • 17:57:07: Shop is saying that it isn't their fault
  • 17:57:39: $120 for tow and who knows how much damage
  • 18:02:12: Cell battery is dying now. Lovely
  • 20:28:55: Finally home. Explorer is at shop for them to look at. Sounds like it's going to be expensive. Stepdad loaned me Audi wagon for few days!
  • 20:58:06: It was ALMOST worth the damage to the Explorer to get a chance to drive the Audi wagon for a bit. LOVE those heated seats.
  • 20:59:37: Haven't even gotten my 1st paycheck yet (been 4 weeks without pay since new job holds back) & now it's all going to go toward the Ford. :(
  • 21:24:06: @DarlaRae Thanks.
  • 21:24:26: @knightryder76 I agree completely. Gotta love warm buns! :)
  • 22:19:47: So sleepy. Today was an exhausting day and I didn't even do that much work!
  • 22:58:02: @coreyann I want a butt warmer for keepsies. I told my mom that I might never give the Audi back but alas my stepdad knows where I work haha
  • 23:00:00: @coreyann i'd happily let B blow off steam at shop.but 1st I'm giving them 1 chance to make it right since my folks have used them for years
  • 23:00:47: @coreyann body damage alone will be at least 3-4 grand.
  • 23:06:53: @coreyann there's no way to know for sure. They say the lug nuts were probably stolen by kids. Rear pass side tire was missing 2 as well.
  • 23:19:07: @coreyann I know. The guy at the shop kept saying it was too strange.
  • 23:20:21: @DarlaRae I can put it thru insurance with a $500 deductible but them my rates go up because of their crappy job.
  • 23:22:22: @DarlaRae I agree
  • 23:25:12: @DarlaRae there's nowhere it could have. No kids around here and dogs would hear anyone near. Work is on base w/high security.
  • 23:27:28: @DarlaRae possible but not probable because I always run my bags out to car after each store so they wouldn't have more than 15 mins
  • 23:30:32: @DarlaRae that is what I believe! I think they weren't fully tightened and one by one loosened more and fell off making it hard on others
  • 23:33:21: @DarlaRae it is what everyone but the shop seems to think.
  • 23:35:58: @DarlaRae they will lose a lot more money if they don't fix it. 3 of my engineers were already asking the shop name & said they'd never use
  • 23:37:07: @DarlaRae plus they all said they'd pass the word along if I don't get treated right and all fixed. So that's a lot of highpaid guys
  • 23:37:47: @mafeeuhprincess I am ok. I was still on base and driving slowly
  • 23:40:43: @mafeeuhprincess yeah. 10 minutes later I would have been on route 80
    Going 65 mph.

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