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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 11-22-2010

  • 08:15:27: Ugh. While I was out Friday they changed my phone extension. Wtf. Everything was already set with the old one.
  • 18:57:30: Oh how awesome!!!! My passport arrived today. My very first one. That didn't take long at all
  • 20:18:35: @coreyann very exciting. I was shocked it was here in less than 2 wks even with a holiday in the middle!
  • 20:18:48: @gianinal Cool! It looks so neato!
  • 21:01:32: I'm watching House (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/9cEpYf
  • 22:01:56: I'm watching Two and a Half Men (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/9XbU4Z
  • 22:03:15: My department at work is going out for a Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow. Yay!
  • 22:27:49: @coreyann Yeah! I've gone out to lunch more times in the past 2 weeks than I ever did w/last 2 jobs combined!!
  • 23:48:05: @coreyann I think Camden Nj is 2 and used to be #1 until recently.

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