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Think a thunk with me

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From Twitter 11-10-2010

  • 06:45:41: So very tired. I am going to sleep the day away tomorrow.
  • 07:54:54: Drat. Left extra early this morning so I could stop at security to get the decals for my car but they don't open til 7. Ughhh.
  • 07:55:46: And there's already a long line of people waiting outside. Wow
  • 08:10:07: Great. No decals or building access for me. They are too shortstaffed for decals and guy who does access is out til next week.
  • 12:14:33: Ooh I may get building access later today. Hope so. Tires of having to call someone every time I leave the building
  • 14:30:46: Ooh book fair at the end of the month.
  • 17:51:56: Love the 59 minutes off early. Got to the post office to finish applying for passport, and now picking up Chinese food for dinner.
  • 17:54:01: Take out (@ Mr. Wonton #1) http://4sq.com/auxa9t
  • 19:05:26: So full... and tons of Chinese food left for tomorrow. Yay!
  • 20:05:59: I'm watching Charmed (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/9Mqhsv
  • 21:02:52: I'm watching 2010 Country Music Association Awards (CMA) (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/d9Ri0g
  • 21:06:07: Just found out my sister in law's step-mom passed away yesterday. She was such a nice lady. heaven has taken too many good people this year!
  • 21:33:13: Heard on radio this a.m. that Sears is going to be open ON Thanksgiving! Yay! Something to do since I have nowhere to go. Xmas shopping.Wee!
  • 21:57:03: @coreyann Nope, no where to go. I have to be at work the next morning at 7:30 so yeah, trip to Ohio, not an option. haha

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