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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 11-07-2010

  • 14:06:43: Used my lawn/leaf sweeper to sweep up some of the leaves in my yard. Still have a ton and a half more to do. Ugh. Stupid trees. Lol
  • 14:10:24: Meeting my aunt and uncle for dinner at 4. Should be fun.
  • 16:39:52: On my way to meet my uncle and aunt for dinner. :)
  • 16:50:46: Well I am a bit early. I always think it takes longer to get here than it does.
  • 19:46:32: Aww.my old boss sent me a text wishing me good luck for tomorrow and thanking me for all I had done while working for him.
  • 20:30:59: I'm watching Hannah Montana Forever (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/dpGV7J
  • 20:43:40: @MickiD216 Thank you!
  • 20:43:50: @coreyann I know! Wasn't that sweet and nice of him!?
  • 21:38:42: I'm watching Paranormal State S02E08 (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/aEijA9
  • 22:15:06: Episode: "Paranormal Detour" (watching Paranormal State via @gomiso) http://miso.io/aEijA9
  • 22:20:01: Brr... tomorrow's weather = high of 41! With chance of rain. Yuck. I wanted a sunny, nice day for my 1st day at new job.
  • 23:32:16: Going to try to sleep. Good night!

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