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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 10-13-2010

  • 00:12:08: Trying to sleep but not having much luck... as usual.
  • 00:13:00: Trying to sleep, but not having much luck... as usual.
  • 07:49:10: 7 months. Time can play tricks on a memory, but alas it hasn't on mine because every detail of that day is as clear as if it was yesterday.
  • 18:12:25: @gianinal Thanks for the hugs.
  • 18:13:02: I got to work with Dorothy for the whole day! I haven't seen her in months and months. It was nice to work with someone for the entire day
  • 20:04:27: I'm watching 21 Jump Street (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/d61uWz
  • 20:11:10: @GreatGambi Thank you. :)
  • 22:23:35: I love 21 Jump Street, even all these years later. I used to have such a crush on Peter DeLuise.
  • 23:14:58: One more episode of 21 Jump Street and then bed.. or maybe 2...
  • 23:19:56: I was annoyed having to work on Tuesday, but now I'm rather glad to have tomorrow off. Not that I have any plans.

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