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Мои твиты
  • Чт, 15:01: It's not going to be fun working tomorrow knowing that it should be my day off but thanks to the stupid hell house I had to use it yesterday
  • Чт, 16:53: I'm at My Cozy Place In Cozy Lake (Oak Ridge, NJ)
  • Чт, 18:08: I'm at Dunkin Donuts (5 Centre St. Unit B, Sparta)
  • Чт, 18:12: I'm at Sparta Lanes (43 Theatre Ctr., off Woodport Rd., Sparta)
  • Чт, 21:14: With the way my week has been going it doesn't surprise me that one of my games tonight was worst I've ever bowled
  • Чт, 22:24: Crappy rain. Why cant we have a normal winter and get some snow???
  • Пт, 06:53: Sucks being here knowing this should be my day off but because if stupid pipes bursting I used day off on Wednesday
  • Пт, 07:08: So flippin sleepy. I hat to fight to keep my eyes open on the drive to work & even now. 💤
  • Пт, 08:08: The rain is coming down like crazy! Yucky weather!
  • Пт, 08:49: It is going to be a very loooong day. Wish I was home sleeping right now
  • Пт, 09:19: I seriously don't know how some people survive in this world with their extreme stupidity!


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